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Berlin Angels, directed by Jens Roth

*Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Durban
*Fear No Film Festival, Salt Lake City
*LGBT Film Festival, Torino
*Environment, Health and Cutlure Film Festival, Jakarta
*Out in the Desert, LGBT Film Festival, Tucson
*Palm Springs International Film Festival & ShortFest
*Montreal International Film Market

“Carnival of The Cultures” in Berlin: A charismatic party duo comprised of a gay rent-boy and a female fashion freak, meets an Afghan who’s just moved to Berlin. Both want to seduce him and approach him under
the pretense of being angels offering to fulfill three wishes to make him

The Afghan goes along with the game. His first wish: “I’d like to feel
good once again.” His second wish: “I want to know the meaning of
life.” His third wish: “I want you to pray with me for a sign showing me
that my murdered family is at peace in the „after-world”.

Quick fun meets deep love, decadence meets struggle for existence.
Sensual overkill leads to silent closeness. A Tragicomedy between flush, fairytale and reality.


..., Fiction, LGBTQ



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