Subtitling, hardsubbing and subtitle rendering

We translate and create subtitle files for feature films, documentaries, short films,
animation, web series
and any other audiovisual formats.

If you prefer, we can physically add the subtitles to your film, and produce
HD hardsubbed copies suitable for film festivals or to be uploaded online. We handle
subtitle rendering for DVD or BD, in NTSC or PAL formats, to create BMP, TIF
and PNG subtitles

Once your film is subtitled, a new universe of possibilities become available.
The worldwide festival circuit is a great chance to show your film abroad over a couple
of years, to get it watched by a relevant audience and maybe get a distribution deal.
Here you can find a list of some popular film festivals in Spanish-speaking countries.

Also, if your film has already been screened at some film festivals you might want
to make it available for worldwide online or DVD distribution.