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Two Days and a Half

Fiction, Canada, HD, 72 min, 2012
Directed by Pablo Diconca

Over the course of a weekend, deep in a wild but inviting nature, a divorced father and his son reconnect and share the intensity and immensity of tender passing moments. When these days of tenderness and sustained happiness come to an end, the cruel emptiness of separation and each other’s absence appears in the form of a dramatic and unexpected event. The love that joins them is once again confronted with the painful incidents of contemporary life.

Film festivals where the film was screened:

Festival internacional de film pour enfants de Montréal, 2013
Rendez Vous de Cinéma Québecois, Montreal, 2013
Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Louisiane, 2013
Jaipur International Film Festival, India, 2013
Festival de Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal, 2012

Upcoming film festivals where it will be screened:

Festival Cinema d’Autor Barcelona 2013
Festival Internacional Cinematográfico del Uruguay, 2013
Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival, 2013


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